Text Box: 	President				Gary Kraft

	Vice-President			Travis Faulkenberry

	Treasurer			Sherri Preston

	Secretary				Rachale Licking

	Member				Debora McQuillen

	Member				Jerry Baughman

	Member				Belinda Johnson
LEESVILLE BOARDText Box: Text Box: Board Minutes

Click here to view the Strategic Plan for 2018-2023.

Public Assistance:

For any families in the District in need of information or assistance please contact the following staff.

Title IX Coordinator: Mrs. Reid, mreid@leesville.k12.mo.us

Homeless Liaison: Mrs. Reid, mreid@leesville.k12.mo.us

Compliance Officer: Superintendent / Principal

Foster Care Point of Contact: Kayla Campbell, kcampbell@leesville.k12.mo.us

Counseling: Briana Droege, bdroege@leesville.k12.mo.us

Virtual Education Programs: https://mocap.mo.gov/     and    https://mocap.mo.gov/documents/MOCAP.Intro.memo5.31.19.pdf