Text Box: Upcoming Dates
Text Box: February 10th @ CCA
5:00 ~ 5th - 8th Grade Girls
6:00 ~ 5th - 8th Grade Boys

Blue and White Night @ Leesville
February 20th

6:00 PM ~ 3rd - 4th Grade Girls vs. 3rd - 4th Grade Boys
6:45 PM ~ Mini Cheer Performance
7:00 PM ~ 5th - 8th Grade Girls vs. 5th - 8th Grade Boys

CCA Tournament
February 21st & 22nd
Time: TBA
Text Box: February 17th
No School - Presidentís Day
February 20th
Blue & White Games / Mini Cheer Performance
February 27th
No School - Parent Teacher Conferences
February 28th
No School

Public Assistance:

For any families in the District in need of information or assistance please contact the following staff.


Homeless Liaison: Brian Wishard, bwishard@leesville.k12.mo.us

Foster Care Point of Contact: Kayla Campbell, kcampbell@leesville.k12.mo.us

Counseling: Jane Delaney, jdelaney@leesville.k12.mo.us

Virtual Education Programs: https://mocap.mo.gov/†††† and††† https://mocap.mo.gov/documents/MOCAP.Intro.memo5.31.19.pdf

Text Box: Archery Schedule

February 15th @ CMS
February 22nd @ Lincoln
Text Box: 											
											Student Council Fundraiser
											Due: February 19th
											Contact the school with any questions
Text Box: Attention Parents:

Beginning February 18, 2020, school will release at 3:55 pm. This will adjust bus times by approximately 12 minutes.

This is to make up time missed due to illness and weather. 

As of today, February 12, 2020, this allows us to end school on May 15th.